I was born in 1939 and became a ham in 1956. I have been active ever since and I like to work DX on CW and SSB on all bands from 2 to 80 Meters. (Lack of space makes it impossible for me to have an antenna for 160.)

Since 2006, I use the call SF7WT.

For DXCC I have 367 entities worked and I need Pratas and North Korea to have all of them.

A nice rag-chew is also always a pleasure, exchanging QSLs via the bureau is as natural as having a QSO.

Personal contacts are the most interesting ones of them all. Traveling has brought me to the USA 17 times and to Mexico City once. Always happy to meet hams! Being invited by Thor, TF4M in 2009 and allowed to use his outstanding station was another highlight in my life and so it was to operate from KH6BB in 2012! Another highlight was my visit to the DX-convention in Visalia in 2010, meeting so many of the guys I knew from the bands!

Getting to know other hams made me understand how interesting "the guy at the other end" really is. He/she is much more than a callsign and a name! This made me start to assemble information and write my book, "Thanks to Amateur Radio" in 1994, presenting 178 hams along with stories about hams helping the world and DXpeditions.

In 2006, I began to assemble information for another book, but after seven years I have so much information that it would cover eight books. That´s the reason for presenting this as a PDF-file.

This is the final edition!

A PDF-file makes it very easy to look for specific information.

You can magnify photos to look for details.

My e-mail address is SM7WTSTAN@GMAIL.COM

Mail address: Stan Gulich, Marten Skrivares vag 7, S - 247 53 Dalby, Sweden

Telephone number: 0046 - 46 20 16 76