Some of the help sent to the victims of the Tsunami in Sri Lanka by F6BFH and his French ham friends.


Everyone knows how important Amateur Radio was before we got mobile phones and Internet, but even hams know little about what hams do every day to help people around the World.

Do you know what MAR, MARCO and AMINE stand for? These are organizations, started and operated by hams to offer medical aid to people in Africa, Asia and the Pacific.

MAR, founded by DJ5RT stands for Medical Assistance Radio while MARCO, founded by W6CS (SK) and GJ0KKB.stands for Medical Amateur Radio Council. Both organizations support doctors in Africa with advice and medicine.

AMINE founded by JH1KRC and JH1RNZ stands for Asian-Pacific Medical Information Network. Combining their skills as doctors and hams they have built a satellite system to offer doctors in remote areas advice from specialists in Japan.

Other individuals do an outstanding job to combine their skill as hams with their humanitarian virtues. Among them, 9G5SW and DL8OL must be mentioned here.

Walter, 9G5SW was contacted by a local nun who works to help children. She knew about his interest in Amateur Radio and asked him, “You've got so many friends around the World, maybe they could help us save a little girl who was born without legs and with just one arm.”

One day in 1982, Klaus, DL8OL, fire captain (now retired), was on the firefighters´ net talking to his ham colleagues, when Claude, 6W7FZ broke in and told them how two days before, a fire in his area had revealed that nobody was familiar with the old fashioned fire fighting equipment. Klaus thought about this for a few days, then changed the time for his vacation, waved goodbye to his family and went to Senegal. This became the start of several years voluntary work in Africa by Klaus and his wife. Imagine, would you spend your vacation in Africa doing the same job you normally do, but without being paid for doing it?

These are just some of the stories told in Chapter 1. This chapter also tells about several rescue operations after disasters. One of my favorites is what happened when the Army decided to take over the air traffic control from the two hams!







Remember the phrase coined by VU2BGS: HAM = Helping All Mankind

Read Chapter 1 and see why we can all be proud of being hams!